Slender, single floor house project for a young couple. The starting points were the Hajdó house as a reference, a flat terrain without any panorama highlights and a suburban, heterogenous neighbourhood. + open-minded, proactive clients – not built due to a change of plans on the client’s side
  • T HOUSE 127

    Type housing, “model 127” developed in collaboration with Weberbau building company. Home designed for a family with many children, fully equipped living space and personal spaces included.
  • T HOUSE 126

    Rural tourism development funds application feasibility study collaboration for the Szekler region. A type-building has been developed due to short time for application: same timber structure, functional variety under same roof for each of the 8 locations (so far). One has already been built, in Csíkszenttamás / TomeŞti, Harghita county, co-funded by the local administration, County Council, and the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism. + wooden type-building experience, gets built more or less according to plans – lack of time at pilot project; supervision and maintenance administration unsolved for these remote locations
  • T HOUSE 105

    Type housing, “model 105” developed in collaboration with Weberbau building company. Suitable for small plots, twin houses or row house layout.
  • T HOUSE 88

    Type housing, “model 88” developed in collaboration with Weberbau building company. Compact model, most efficient plot usage despite its interior space qualities.    

    On a former prefab concrete panel production site („house factory”), built during the socialist area, the plots and halls were subdivided after 1990 halt, and property structure fragmented. Our client has bought one half of a hall structure and arranged it step by step, but quite chaotically, as rentable office and production spaces. Our task was to extend and optimise these spaces achieving a unitary look. + planning re-use for an industrial building – very slow design process, not yet built because change of plans / budget