Eco, self-sustainable, green house built in a remote, natural mountain site. The main horizontal topography-volume is partially masked by a sloping green roof and mineral, gabion wall cladding and two traditional barn-like structures are growing from this to break and articulate the huge mass of the construction. The materials and shapes were chosen to blend in the stunning scenery. The building produces and stores most of its energy demands but it isn’t completely off the grid, en electrical connection is made for very cold and cloudy days as a backup system. + natural building materials experience, demanding and confiding clients, straightforward project managemenet and construction […]

    A simple house with a small twist. The graphic designer client took a consistent part in the design process. Built in a rural environment, the house blends in by its size, shape and plot layout but in the same time it’s not hiding its urban, contemporary origins.

    A second refuge (after Tomești) was built in Cârța / Csíkkarcfalva with the help of European tourism development funds. It is a slightly bigger, upgraded version of the prototype, it has restrooms, showers, sewage-water treatment station, surveillance system, photovoltaic panels. This time the roof ridge has been layed parallel to the nearby hillside  and the ground floor functions have been  partially sunk into this stabilized natural shelter. The site is at a former rural bath (Madicsa), a couple of kms distance from the village, it still has a mineral water spring, used mainly by locals, and it serves as a place for regional events, thematic camps, […]

    Norwegian – Romanian real estate bussiness collaboration for developing a double apartment house in Norway. Lightweight, prefab steel profile structure and interior-exterior gypsum board sheeting system used. + “designing for abroad” experience, new structural system, good project team – not enough design freedom was given at the concept phase, hard to control the constructed details because of the distance, pilot project which needed on-site adjustments