First sketch pushed through to suddenly get built construction site since 2008, a third kid came along in the owner’s family. Villa merged with the landscape around a south-facing terrace – a core for everyday life – on a steep hill, with great panorama… towards north. The resulting volume is lightened by cuts and floating overhangs and topped by a continuously sloping green roof rising from the landscape. + owner, collaboration with Arnold Macalik (ATELIER FKM ) – 15-20% too big, details didn’t have the time to simplify

    Inserting a new function into the historical fabric of an old mining village – Rosia Montana / Verespatak / Goldbach, Rothseifen. 9+3 buildings and plots involved, specific labyrinthine spatial connections preserved. Renovation of existing houses completed using traditional means while additions are new. + dealing with heritage area open to a progressive approach, learning new tools for 3D animation, renderings – noisy political and ecological controversy around the mining investment; until projects are about saving, preserving, building, we are in